Wagering is a great way to increase the challenges of competition.  This is one suggestion for wagering on the game of Aranea.

Before a series of games (the tournament) is begun, each player buys in and is given a bankroll of 2,000 credits.  Before each new game is begun, each player contributes 100 credits to the pot (the ante).  Whenever a player's stone achieves a position on the center rectangle, that player may choose to bet an additional 100 credits by adding 100 credits to the pot.  If they do, the other player must either 

If the responding player matches the 100-credit bet, they may also counter by increasing the bet by an additional 100 credits.  In that case, the first player must match that additional 100 credits or fold and concede.  The first player may not counter with an additional raise.

Obviously, the winner of the game collects the pot and adds it to their bankroll of credits.  The tournament ends when one player no longer has sufficient credits to ante up at the beginning of a new game.

This is only one suggestion.  Any variation on the bet amounts or when they may be placed is entirely at your discretion as long as both players agree to the terms prior to beginning a tournament.



Blitz Play Wagering

In Blitz play, whenever a player's stone achieves a position on the center rectangle, if that player wishes to bet an additional 100 credits, they must clearly announce the bet before beginning another move.  If they do so, both players must immediately halt play until the betting process is completed.  If the other player is physically in the process of moving a piece, they may finish moving that piece before halting.  If finishing that move causes the other player's piece to achieve the center rectangle, they may announce their own bet to follow the betting process initiated by the first player's bet.  

If either player begins another move without halting and acknowledging a clearly announced bet by the other player, they must forfeit the current game and pot.