Aranea (uh-RAY-nay) is a classic board game - inspired by a spiders web nearly 30 years ago with a race to the center of the web.  Game play is fast and challenging!  This game is quietly joining the ranks of all time classics like checkers and backgammon.  An evening of Aranea and conversation is a wonderful time!  Enjoy. 

Aranea is a fast-paced race game with lots of dice throwing activity that keeps players very active and involved in the game.  It has a very appealing, elegant design.

The physical Aranea game board has other options that give it some very interesting possibilities that similar board race games such as Backgammon do not have.  Aranea has a blitz play option where the two competitors do not wait on each other to take a turn – they each roll and move as fast as possible and each game becomes a few minutes of unparalleled intensity.

The Microsoft Surface App is available for free in the Microsoft App Store.

Come visit the RB Cogs Aranea Facebook Page or view a Video Screen Capture of the game on YouTube. Enjoy.

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The Aranea Game is available for licensing.  See the Personal Use page to assemble one for free.   

 The Aranea game design is a registered copyright of Randall J. Breneman.